A Comprehensive Guide On How To Buy A Blister Packing Machine At the Canton Fair

May 30, 2024


The Canton Fair, also call China Import and Export Fair, the event held in Guangzhou, China, twice each year. It is widely recognized as the most attractive trade fair. For those looking to purchase a blister packing machine, the Canton Fair is an unparalleled opportunity to explore a vast array of products, meet suppliers, and make informed purchasing decisions. This guide will help you navigate the process of buying a blister packing machine at the Canton Fair, from preparation to ensuring product quality.


 About Canton Fair


The Canton Fair was established in 1957 and has grown to become the largest and most comprehensive trade fair in China. It is held twice a year, in spring and autumn, the date is April 15th -May 5th, October 5th-November 4th, at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. Many different industry supplier and buyer will gather in the fair including packing material, packing machinery (include the pharmaceutical machine-- blister packing machine), textiles, and medical devices. For those in the market for a blister packing machine, the Canton Fair offers a unique platform to connect with manufacturers and suppliers, see the latest innovations, and negotiate deals directly.


canton fair



 The Reason To Attend the Canton Fair


 1. Access to a Wide Range of Suppliers


The Canton Fair brings together a vast number of exhibitors from all over China and beyond, providing attendees with access to a diverse range of suppliers in one location. This concentration of suppliers allows buyers to compare products and prices efficiently. 


 2. Hands-On Experience


One of the reason to attend the Canton Fair is the ability to see and interact with the products firsthand. For buyers interested in blister packing machines, this means they can observe the machines in action, assess quality, and ask detailed questions directly to the manufacturers.


Canton Fair Customer Visit Factory


 3. Networking Opportunities


The Canton Fair is a good chance to build relationships with suppliers and other industry professionals. Establishing these connections can lead to better deals, ongoing support, and valuable insights into the latest industry trends.


 4. Cost-Effective Sourcing


Attending the fair can save you cost by meeting different suppliers in one location. By dealing directly with manufacturers, buyers can often negotiate better prices and terms than they would through intermediaries or online platforms. You can also visit the supplier near the canton fair, such as Guangdong Rich Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. It is only 3 km from Pazhou Exhibition Complex, it takes about 10 minutes by a taxi. 


Some Tips Before Attending the Canton Fair


 1. Register and Plan Your Trip


First, you need to register for the Canton Fair through its official website. By doing this, you will get a registered badge to access the entry check. Planning your trip involves booking flights, accommodation, and arranging for local transportation. Make sure you have applied the valid visa and prepare all the necessary documents. I need to remind you, if you will stay in your friend’s house or a rental apartment, you need to report to local police station according to China’s Immigration law, if not, that will be a 50-yuan penalty. You can also choose a hotel. If you don’t know which hotel will be better for you, you can contact your Guangzhou blister packing machine supplier to arrange for you, you are welcome to contact Rich Packing if you need to book a room. 


 2. Research Exhibitors


Before attending the fair, it’s crucial to research the exhibitors who will be showcasing blister packing machines. The official Canton Fair website provides a list of exhibitors and their products. Make a list of potential suppliers you want to visit and gather as much information about their offerings as possible. Besides that, you can also search suppliers on Google and Alibaba. It would be better that the blister machine supplier is near Canton Fair. Some of the exhibitor book a limited space in exhibition hall, if you need them to show you more model on spot, that is a problem. It is very lucky that you can read this article if you are looking for pharmaceutical equipment—blister packing machine, the Rich Packing machinery just near the Canton Fair, it has a spacious show room, more than 1000 square meters to show you different model of blister packaging machine: DPP-270MAX, DPP-160,DPP-90, and also you can check other pharmaceutical equipment such as: automatic counting machine, automatic capsule filling machine, cartooning machine, rotary tablet press machine, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, PVC card blister packing machine for battery etc. 


 3. Set Clear Objectives


Make sure what you need to get at the fair. Whether it's finding a new supplier, learning about the latest blister packing technologies, or negotiating specific deals, having clear objectives will help you stay focused and make the most of your time at the fair.


 4. Prepare Questions


Get some questions you are going to ask potential suppliers. These should cover aspects like machine specifications, pricing, lead times, warranty, after-sales service, and quality assurance processes. Being well-prepared will help you gather the enough information to make a right decision.


 How to Plan a High-Efficiency Business Trip During the Canton Fair


 1. Schedule Meetings in Advance


Contact the exhibitors you’re interested in before the fair to schedule meetings. This ensures that you have dedicated time with the suppliers and can discuss your needs in detail without being rushed.

 2. Plan Your Visit


The Canton Fair is huge, walking one day will make your energy exhausted. Use the fair’s official app or map to plan your visit. Group exhibitors by location and product category to maximize your efficiency.

 3. Allow Time for Exploration


While it’s essential to have a plan, also allow some time for unplanned exploration. You might discover new suppliers or innovative products that you hadn’t considered.


 4. Take Notes and Collect Materials


Keep detailed notes of your meetings and collect brochures, business cards, and samples. This information will be invaluable when you’re back home and need to compare suppliers and products.


 5. Stay Organized


Use a dedicated folder or digital tool to organize all the information and materials you collect. Our recommendation is that you use a noting app, or ask your blister machine supplier to send you pdf file to your email, so you don’t need to carry a heavy material. Some supplier may can offer a USB flash disk to store the product information. 


 How to Verify the Blister Packing Machine Supplier


 1. Check Company Credentials


You can use two way to check it. The first one is in Alibaba, many blister machine suppliers are their member. You can check the verified report form the third party, such as SGS, TUV . Also you can check how many years they have been in alibaba.


Alibaba Verified supplier


ALibaba verified report download

Another way to verify the blister machine supplier is to check from China government website : gsxt.gov.cn, the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System. You can ask the supplier for a business license, then put the license number in the above mentioned website, the credit and registration information will show you. 


Check a company from China Government Website


Check a company from China Government Website


The above is the checking result of Rich Packing, you can see the basic information, and Rich Packing don’t have administration penalty and black list information on government website.


 2. Look for Customer Reviews and References



Ask for references from previous customers and check online reviews. By doing this, will help you learn more about the supplier’s reliability, product quality, and customer service.


 3.Visit the Factory


The best way is to check on spot the supplier’s factory. This allows you to see their production processes, quality control measures, and overall operation standards.


Visit Factory


 How to Ensure the Quality of the Blister Packing Machine is the Same as Promised


 1. Detailed Specifications and Documentation


Ensure that all product specifications are clearly documented in the contract. This includes machine dimensions, materials, performance parameters, and any specific requirements you have.


 2. Pre-Shipment Inspection


Request a pre-shipment inspection by a third-party agency. This inspection will verify that the machines meet the agreed-upon specifications and are in good working condition before they are shipped.


Pre-shipment inspection


 3. Testing and Acceptance Procedures


Define the testing and acceptance procedures in your contract. This ensures that the machines will be tested for functionality and performance before final acceptance.


 4. Warranty and After-Sales Support


Clearly understand the supplier’s warranty and after sale service. This should cover spare parts, technical support, and any potential machine repairs.


 5. Quality Control Certifications


Check if the supplier’s products are certified by recognized quality control bodies. Certifications like ISO, CE, or GMP indicate that the products meet high-quality standards.


 6. Continuous Communication


Keep communicating with supplier during the production and before delivery. You can ask the supplier to have a test operation for the blister machine, ask it to send you the running video, check the finished product’s quality, check the size of the finished product, and see if it is met your standard. This helps to avoid any issue and ensures that the supplier is adhering to the said terms.


check the size





Attending the Canton Fair to purchase a blister packing machine is a strategic move that can yield significant benefits. By preparing thoroughly, planning your trip efficiently, and verifying your suppliers, you can make the most of this unique opportunity. The Canton Fair not only allows you to see a wide range of products and innovations but also provides the chance to establish valuable business relationships and negotiate better deals. Following the steps outlined in this guide will help ensure that you secure high-quality blister packing machines that meet your needs and contribute to the success of your business.

For more detailed information about the Canton Fair, visit the [official website](http://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en).

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